Alpha Brigade's training program will teach you and your family defense techniques that work, and that you will be able to use on demand after only a few short training sessions.  In this program, you will develop and hone the same skills taught to special operations and intelligence operatives, yet in a way that is legally defensible, and that pertains to your everyday life.  Greg Jackson's training techniques are proven, and work equally well for professional athletes and grandmothers alike.

Alpha Brigade's instructors are hand picked by Greg Jackson, and the programs are taught exclusively by former CIA Operatives, Military Special Operations personnel and professional fighters.  As a member of Alpha Brigade, you learn at the pace and level that makes sense for you.  Nothing fancy...just usable skills that you can apply to the everyday.

We know you are busy, and that's why Alpha Brigade has multiple options that will fit your schedule.  You need only to commit.  We will fit the training into your life so you can gain the advantage.

Alpha Brigade training is offered through subscription or in individual training modules.  Contact us to find a solution that works best for you.  The following membership types offer the flexibility needed to accommodate your schedule.

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